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GameFly Reviews

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  • Gamefly. Horrible company twice now. Top of the garbage heap!

    First time we had the service, shipping was horrible and it took them days to even send out game from warehouse. Was with them years. Now we went back and almost half my games arrived unplayable, and those that did took over 7 days to get to me and 7 days when sent back. Contact customer support, for them 2 weeks without a game is normal. So pay for month but only get 2 weeks of the service. This latest debacle , game arrived unplayable. They logged it. No game for 3 days, contact chat support, we will get right on it, told the story about how it may take a few days yada yada. No game day... More...
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  • Pittsburgh shipping/distribution are the Pirates and Stealers

    It takes a week or inexplicably longer to receive your games even after they ship them and Gamefly will email you to charge you for games not returned even if you have stuck them in the mail! I have a hard time blaming the post office since netflix, amazon and ebay get here on scheduled timing but for some reason Gamefly takes a week or more and sometimes they do not even receive your games back and want to charge you, the customer after your game is lost in the Bermuda Triangle that is Gamefly? I am thinking maybe they are trying to charge you for it for the profits which is sad. I think... More...
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    epatt001's Picture   epatt001    0 Comments   Comments
  • GameFly is Horrible

    I live in Seattle where one of their distribution centers are and it took a week for them to receive a game back. When half of the time is spent with either them delaying games being shipped or just not being on the ball, this company should not be in business. Please stop doing business with these jokers so we can get a better service than this. I canceled my account with time left on it as I was not confident in them not trying to scam money from me so I basically paid them $5 to not do business with them. They do not pro-rate time already paid for so that's it for me. Good Riddance... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    FuqOff's Picture   FuqOff    1 Comments   Comments
  • Keep it Scam

    Gamefly allows you to keep a game that you rent for a price. One day I notice yo ucan keep Wathc Dogs for PS4 for 12.99. So I add it to my queue which is the only thing I can do. After this you have to send back your current game, who know show long you will take, then it has to get to game fly, who knows how long that takes, the the game you want has to be available, who knows how long that takes and then they send the game to you, who knows how long that takes. So I finally get the game and I test it and it works fine so I decide to keep it. I go to the website and price is now 19.99. So... More...
    favosys's Picture   favosys    1 Comments   Comments
  • GameFly: super slow shipping

    Started my paid membership and added a few games to my list. Nothing was shipped out until 5 days later even the availability was Medium. Last time I canceled my trial membership was because I got nothing shipped to me for almost 8 days (I do have more than one Medium availability games in my queue). Besides the delivery is slow as well. It took about 4 to 6 days. If I have to wait for a week to get my game shipped and another week for it to delivery, I have to wait for half month to get a game so what's the point of this stupid membership? More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    fararcher's Picture   fararcher    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't expect new games just the oldest ones on your list.

    Don't expect new games just the oldest ones on your list. If you chat with customer service they offer you a free month (which to me is unimportant the monthly fees are pocket change). You have the option to choose to wait up to 7 days for your top game to be sent but that's it after seven days they send you a game not on the top of your list, I am fortunate enough not to have to worry too much about cost so I will simply preorder the games I want from gamestop if i don't like them then i will take the loss and trade them in. At least i will get them within the first 6 month... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    cragunkurtis's Picture   cragunkurtis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gamefly is money hungry!

    So I was a loyal gamefly subscriber for over two and a half years. For a good deal of that time I had no problems. Recently I fell into some money troubles and needed to cut costs where I could, meaning that gamefly had to go and I didn't feel all that attached to the service so it didn't seem like a big deal at the time. The first issue ended up being that upon cancellation, I had to go through multiple "don't leave us we will offer you things" pages that did nothing short of infuriate me to the point where I made the decision then and there to never reactivate... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Need help w/ Gamefly :/

    So I've been a member of gamefly for less than a month. There have been several concerns between gamefly having 6-8 charges on my card that they repeatedly say they will go away so I waited and they did not go away and called back I was told they could not do anything at all and to call my financial institution I asked why they wouldn't call I'm not the one that put the charges on there and got the response that it wasn't her job the charges are 2 $1 2 for 15.98 one for 17$ and one for 7$ That's a lot of hard earned money! So I feel like iv been robbed and the... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Whywhywhy1234's Picture   Whywhywhy1234    1 Comments   Comments
  • Billing, shipping and receiving

    Never get my items in a timely fashion never sends game at the top of my q but the ones at the very bottom! Regardless of availability of the games at the top! On top of that I've been a member less than a month and have had 6-8 diferent charges from gamefly ranging from $1.00 up to 17$ 2 for 15$ 2 for 1$ one for 16.98 And one for 7.00 and all they can say is call your financial institution. Uhhhh y'all charged it how about do your customer service job and call and get them to remove it!!!! And some of the charges they say they didn't do but clear as day my financial website... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Misleading

    Gamefly says free trial, but they end up charging you a pending charge immediately. I did cancel the free trial the same day after reading these reviews and it did refund my charge immediately. I am not comfortable with a company charging my credit card if they feel a disk is damaged. Not worth waiting 2 weeks to get a game when you can just wait to buy it. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    smramage's Picture   smramage    1 Comments   Comments
  • GAMEFLY still terrible in 2014!

    I have used their slow snail paced service off and on over the last 6 years. Everytime I re-subscribe I hope they improved. And every time I am angry that they fail to do so. They have no problem taking your money on time. But they can't bother to buy enough games to get me one damn copy until 2-3 weeks after it released (if I am lucky). I know the system well. Because they are so bad I know their policies better than they do. And they lie like crazy. Customer service is a joke. They know we have no where else to rent from so they don't care. They just read their scripted BS... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    RantAndRave's Picture   RantAndRave    3 Comments   Comments
  • gamefly is MONEY HUNGRY!!!!!!

    My son has 2 games out, I paid for the whole months service. I no longer wanted the service because they continuously claim we sent back damaged discs and I was charged almost $50 per game!!!!! I cancelled my service and they charged me for the games my son currently has!!!!!! They said they will credit the money AFTER they receive the games and we all know that can take up to 2 months!!!!! This service is horrible and a money scam!!!!! DO NOT ENROLL IN GAMEFLY SERVICE!!!!!! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Mament1124's Picture   Mament1124    3 Comments   Comments
  • GF = Poor Game Turnaround Poor Customer Service Rip You Off

    I recently cancelled my account after 6 days of use (shipping turnaround and response was too slow) under the pretense that I would A) receive a partial refund for the remainder of my paid service or that B) I would be able to continue my service until its expiration on the 30th day of service. Unfortunately I did not fully read the terms and made an accident because that was neither the case. I contacted their customer support to request a reinstatement of my account and was told by the rep: "Thank you for contacting GameFly. Please note that all cancellations are effective... More...
    hoss3000's Picture   hoss3000    2 Comments   Comments
  • Charging for cancelled account

    I had an issue with Gamefly in May 2013 which was eventually escalated to the Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles. During that time we resolved our issue and I cancelled my account over the phone with a manager who called me (which was amazing because they are so hard to reach!). No charges we incurred in May. Then in June charges started again and have been continuing ever since. The links to cancel are broken and do not work on the website. I have tried calling, chatting, emailing and can get no where. I demand my refund of $85.75 back to my account (5 months x $17.15). When the... More...
  • seriously...SERIOUSLY!!!

    ok this was a couple days and was minding my own business trying to look for some games. then when I went to my GameQ , it said "access error" I was puzzled "what" because that never happened before. I was up at 12 am in the morning and wondered maybe its just because no one can help update my GameQ. then I checked again and it still said "access error" and after four freakin days, continouisly trying to getinto my freakin GameQ, I was going to call the gamefly company and I was on hold for 10 HOURS!!!!! I just wanted to strangle the people who worked there More...
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  • Purchased a game that would not download, no refund.

    I purchased The Sims 3 from Gamefly and it would not download. I contacted tech support. Not only did they not respond within the hours they said they would, they sent answers that in no shape or form helped. It seems like computer generated answers primarily saying check my computer or ask another company. The last two emails they have sent have been the same generic email, so it%u2019s obvious the issue hasn%u2019t actually been looked at and sort of blown off. When I asked for a refund, all I got was the email they sent me prior that doesn%u2019t even address my question. Terrible... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    haymoe06's Picture   haymoe06    2 Comments   Comments
  • Questions on billing and fees

    Below is the 1st email I received from your "Customer Support" email address concerning a game I saw that still looked like it was not received by you: ________________________________ Hello, We are sorry to inform you that you recently returned Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in an unacceptable state. The disc was damaged beyond repair. Since this disc was in your possession, unfortunately, you will be held responsible for its purchase. The price for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is currently $17.99. Please reply back to this e-mail with your approval to charge the credit card... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • HORRIBLE customer service

    Long story "short" version: I joined Gamefly early 2012 on their 1 disc out plan. Never returned it, kept subscription for over a year, "lost" game and envelope somewhere, "forgot" about during entire period all the while paying monthly fees. Brother's kid (my nephew) had taken game last year, they returned it to me. Sent it back to Gamefly without checking. They sent me a game in my queue very quickly. Check online to see that it says I still have First game. Email support. Form letter back from "Brent" saying game was beyond repair, I needed... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Khardas's Picture   Khardas    1 Comments   Comments
  • Unable to rejoin after 2 years due to dispute

    I recently received an offer to rejoin Gamefly at a discount after having my account canceled a couple of years ago due to a shipping dispute. After renewing my account and selecting my games, I later received an email saying my account has been canceled and to contact customer support. After doing so I was able to get the subscription refunded and informed that due to the shipping issue (a game got lost in the mail) I could never rejoin. They then told me that to restart, I had to send back the game (I never received). More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Gamefly phone verification?

    Here's what I did wrong: in the registration process for Gamefly I must have mis-typed my phone number. I wasn't asked to enter the number twice like the email address and password verification system so I wasn't "extra" careful with that bit of information. After going through the email verification system I realized that they planned to give me a call as standard procedure to additionally verify my purchase. OK weird..I've never had that as part of my online shopping experience so I go back into my account details to attempt to verify and correct my errant... More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    madmojo's Picture   madmojo    3 Comments   Comments
  • GameFly= Not worth the $$$

    I had GameFly for 3 months and in that 3 months I received none of the games that were in my game queue that I had signed up to rent. I had to put older games that I was not that interested in just to make paying for the membership half way worth it. On top of the low availability for most games, the turnaround time to get another game was about 2 weeks. Bottom line...not worth the money for getting older games that I could go out and rent for cheaper and waiting 2 weeks for said games. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Destin2011's Picture   Destin2011    1 Comments   Comments
  • GameFly has terrible customer service!

    GameFly charged me for a game they say arrived in non-working order. It worked fine when I shipped it back. I tried to explain this and they said I still had to pay. I told them I wanted to cancel my membership. They said okay, but I still had to pay for the game. I said, "Fine." Then, I asked the service rep: "Do you realize you will be losing hundreds of dollars of my business just to pay for this game?" The service rep just giggled. I'm not kidding - she giggled! I think she hears the same thing all day . . . No wonder they are losing business left and right!... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Brandino's Picture   Brandino    2 Comments   Comments
  • GameFly has been pretty good

    I admittedly don't go through games too quickly, so maybe I'm not the best judge of how quickly they get games out the door - but I can say that I tried Gamemine, which is cheaper, before I went to GameFly. Sure, GameFly isn't INSTANT... sometimes I put one game in my queue and wait a week or two... it's worth it though so I can keep a brand new game for a month or two. On the other hand Gamemine was horrible - even with 5 or so games in my queue I would get nothing for weeks. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    daarong's Picture   daarong    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gamefly: Good luck if you live in an apartment!!!!!!!

    Bought a subscription to Gamefly last night. This morning I got an email saying my account had been cancelled. I sent a complaint email with no response, so I had to leave work early to call them (because they close their phones at 4PM EST), and they said someone in my apartment building had already purchased it, and my account information was too similar. What the heck? I never had that issue with Netflix, even though most people in my building have it. So, I can't ever get Gamefly now, and I'd already paid for a month. Really upset, and I wont be recommending them to anyone. More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    chelshill10's Picture   chelshill10    1 Comments   Comments
  • Slow processing times and game availability

    It is frustrating to see all seven games in my GameQ are not readily available at this point. It looks as though I will be waiting a long time to actually play a decent title again. I just sent back Sniper Elite - after just one day - because it was not of my liking (and I waited over a week for it due to the slow processing time). Needless to say, I am unhappy about the quality of Gamefly's service and I am considering the possibility of canceling my membership and stop recommending you. I'm in between games more often than not and you are not effective in offering the popular... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    stav000's Picture   stav000    1 Comments   Comments

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I am a new GameFly customer (bout a week and a half) and they are off to a HORRIBLE start. I ended up getting a 2 month subscription(1 month was free) with 2 games. First of all the reason I tried gamefly was because it was tough to get the new games from redbox and i figured even as a low user it would still be cheaper to go the gamefly route. Well that plan failed because the new games are even harder to get on GF(atleast on RB if I really wanted it I could drive 20 mins to a RB that has it in. OK so it says games come in 2-4 business days. The third day skyrim comes(was my 5th choice)... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    bwill57's Picture   bwill57    1 Comments   Comments

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GameFly Comments

m1kesrm1kejr says: (3 years ago)
I have used game fly for 6 months with my Xbox and I have to say it's pretty awesome. I mean mail time is just what it is, can't do anything about that. I have had a blast and I am saving money as oppose to buying all these titles and either beating them, or not liking them. No con or trick here, sorry to hear some folks are unsatisfied. I have nothing but great things to say.

johnhatfield0777 says: (4 years ago)
Just another bad experience, purchased a game, had to install download manager, then nothing, some verification error, tech support impossible to get ahold of, support form on website wont submit. I will get my money back. dont even try to use them not worth the frustration

teamlexodus says: (4 years ago)
USE THIS LINK FOR 3 MONTHS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE MONTH!!!!Use this link to get 2 months for the price of one then call and let them know you want to go ahead and cancel and they will give you another free month trial. THATS 3 MONTHS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!!!!! Plus I get a get a free month if you stay. Help me out for helping you out.

dickf says: (6 years ago)
good when they send them out fast, ive consistently had to wait weeks, yes more than one for a game to even be sent to me, on the other hand it's very easy to steal from them, and they deserve it. been member for years, and ive had at least 4 months altogether with no game from them. it's still cheaper than buying games though. so sign up for them and just click they never received the game you sent back or never got one they sent out.

shilp9049 says: (6 years ago)
I started a (so called)free trial and they charged me and said it was from my i talked with my bank and they said it was a charge directly from gamefly. This is the Conversation i had with the gamefly rep.

GameFly Chat
Status: Disconnected
Charles M: Hi, my name is Charles M. How may I help you?
David Bush: i signed up for the 14 day free trial yesterday and they charged my account 20 dollars. why?
Charles M: I do not see a charge run on your card in that amount, but I do see an authorization. An authorization is our way of making sure that the submitted credit card information matches with what the bank has on file.
David Bush: CHKCARDsupport@gamefly0018889400CAUS
David Bush: thats what it sais on my bank statement
Charles M: Some banks choose to reserve the authorization funds for a limited amount of time. It normally "expires" in 2 to 5 business days. Please check with your bank to determine their specific policy.
David Bush: i did and they said you guys authorized the withdraw
Charles M: The funds have not been collected, as stated it normally releases with 2 to 5 days
David Bush: what do you mean by that?
Charles M: The authorization is used to verified the card, we do not collect the funds.They are placed on hold and released within the timeframe stated
David Bush: so your saying i will get that money back within 2 to 5 days?
Charles M: Correct
David Bush: and if i dont?
Charles M: You should verify your bank's specific policy on authorizations
Charles M: Most release them in 2 to 5 days
David Bush: already have. Its not my bank btw, but i will give it the amounted time to refund.
Charles M: Each financial institution has their own rules with authorizations.
David Bush: defeats the purpose of FREE trial..... thank you for your time
You have disconnected.

CDUKSHN says: (7 years ago)
O.K. folks, hopefully you read this review prior to actually using gamefly:
This company is a low gamble with very low return…trust me. YOU WILL BE GAMBLING WITH YOUR MONEY IF YOU USE THIS COMPANY!!!
They have a list of tons of games, very good point. Unfortunately these games have an “availability” status listed next to them in the company’s list. If this availability states “available now” then you are likely to have that game sent out next. Notice I only said “likely”? That’s because there is no guarantee that after you add that game to your que, it will retain it’s “available now” status. That’s right, I had several games listed as “available now” that had changed within hours of putting them in my que. So, what does the company do then? They go to your next game in your que to insure you “get games as fast as possible”. Well if any of your games are listed as “high” availability or lower…good luck getting a game!!!
I have also gotten several titles that just didn’t play and we’re in horrible condition! The company explained that we (customers) should let them know about titles that won’t play so they can send out “replacements” asap. LOL Well, I did let them know and the way they plan to send out the “replacements” isn’t by replacing anything. They will take the spot of your next games in your list instead of shipping them in addition to the games that are in your que. So if you are signed up for “2 games out at a time” and you get bunk games, your replacements won’t accompany the next games they send you which could equal having out 6-? games at a time but they will just bump the replacements over the top games in your que. LOL
Another thing I think is odd is that when you initially get your games, having the 2 at a time or higher option, they WILL come together. After a week or 2 of sending them this way that number will drop off and you will be lucky if you get 2 in the same week!!! Even if you send them back at the same time from the post office, they will send you what they want when they want.
Given that they do send you something I can’t call this company a complete scam, just a huge scam!!!
They also have several very highly rated games present on their list that they no longer rent.
Gamefly, you sincerely suck!!!
I can only imagine that if you have had good service you have not manipulated your que according to highest rated games out to you next in line. Like: games rated 8.2, then 8.1, 8.0, etc. I spent tons of time creating this list in my que and the next day the availability changes. LOL

Dowork says: (8 years ago)
I have to agree with alot of people with game availability. I have six games in q and its been two weeks and no response form gamefly. It's funny cause my first two months with them I got any game I wanted with them. I have heard the older customers get the shaft between newer subscribers. Also I filed a complaint a week ago, got an automatic response saying they've received my complaint but haven't heard anything from them since. I'm planning on canceling a week before the billing period is up.

hitthecouch says: (8 years ago)
gamefly sucks, i live 3 hours from the warehouse, i mailed the game back, it took them 4 days to update my account, then about 3 days later they mailed off my next game , they are worthless and slow, i don't get netflix is the same concept, from the time i mail the dvd till i get a new one is a 3 day turn around not over a week

alchemist25 says: (8 years ago)
I frikin HATE gamefly. I signed up almost 3 weeks ago on a 2 game out per month plan. I put 8 games on my Q and have yet to receive a single one. I've sent several emails and of course all i get is their standard canned response. Zero customer service and with another billing cycle a week away, this was a complete rip off. These guys need to get their sh*t together.

rodfull66 says: (9 years ago)
I'm a new customer of gamefly, my first game was lost and gamefly blames me. is anybody out there having the same problem?. email

gameflyuser says: (9 years ago)
its good but they will send you the wrong games a lot of times,sometimes you have to call them to send your game to you even after they received the game you returned.P.S.its not all that great D:

pooldude says: (9 years ago)
thats what i'm talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pooldude says: (9 years ago)
I been with gamefly for 3yrs and up until 2 month ago I was happy but one game got lost in the mail and I haven't seen a game in almost 6 weeks. Mean while they have got 2 months out of me and they send me a bot response. Same old thing like we are looking into this matter blob blob bla,and do nothing. It's a bunch of BS and I have seek legal services against them, I'm talking thousands $$ dude.... So if anyone wants on board to get gamefly lets hook up my email is

jjduke says: (9 years ago)
This is my second go around for Gamefly. Basically I use the service for my two sons who are heavy Xbox360 users. I occasionally will rent a Wii game.
Biggest complaint has got to be shipping. I am a subscriber of Netflix and they have got this thing down. Send a movie back and two days later you have a new one. Gamefly, on the other hand cna take as much as 10-14 days turnaround time to recieve a new one after you mail one back. This is totally unacceptable and if they had any decent competition I know they would either have to change their ways or go out of business. You can blame the post office all you want and I did have games stolen there but the blame lies with Gamefly. I live in Michigan and they say that they are sending the games from Pennsylvania. Well I can mail a first class letter to PA and get a resonse within a few days. I believe they plan this delay deliberately to get more money from your subscription. When you do not have a game in your hands for longer than 10 days per month you are not getting your money’s worth and I wish more people would magnify this issue to embarress this company into changing their ways.

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